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Academic report on“Restricted independence in displacement function”


Academic report onRestricted independence in displacement function

At the invitation of Center for Mathematical Sciences and School of Mathematics and Physics of CUG, Professor Weinian Zhang from Sichuan University give a online talk titled “Restricted independence in displacement function” October 14, 2020. Teachers and students in School of Mathematics and Physics in related research fields attended this academic colloquium.

Professor Weinian Zhang has published 1 academic monograph and over 100 academic papers in refereed academic journalssuch asNonlinearity》、《J. Differential Equations》、《SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, etc. Prof. Zhang has been invited to conduct scientific research cooperation with famous foreign universities such as University of Waterloo (Canada), University of Warwick (UK), Ecole Centrale Nantes (France), Brigham Young University (US), etc.

Aiming at the complexity and difficulty of research on the number of limit cycles near the center focus, Prof. Zhang described the independence of focal values and proposed a new research idea, that is, by finding an appropriate curve to make the focal values depend on a single variable, the exact number of limit cycles of the system could be obtained. Then, specific examples were illustrated to help everyone better understand the methods and theories mentioned in the report. The colloquium was rich in content, the scientific research methods are novel, the mathematics theory and methods that were inherently abstract and difficult to understand were vividly described and easy to understand, so that newly enrolled graduate students could easily accept it, and the teachers and students present were deeply inspired. After the colloquium, Prof. Zhang had a detailed exchange and discussion with teachers and students. The colloquium ended smoothly in a warm atmosphere.